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Notification of Changes in Rates and Fees

Water and Sewer Rates
In accordance with the semi-annual water and sewer rate review policy, management has performed the review of the December 2021 Southeast Regional CPI “the Index”. The Index is reported at an annual increase 7.41%. Under our policy, this provides guidance to management for a potential rate increase up to 12.41% (7.41% + 5%).

Management is increasing water rates by an average 9.14% and sewer rates by an average 9.09% (highlighted in GREEN). The rate increases will go into effect with bills dated March 8, 2022, and after. Please see the Current Rates and Fees and the Proposed Rates and Fees below.

This is the first increase in the per gallon rate for water and sewer by the Coweta County Water & Sewerage Authority (“CCW&SA”) since 2010. We have worked diligently over the past twelve plus years to keep rates steady, however, inflationary pressures require us to increase our rates at this time.

Activation, Meter Connection, and Sewer Connection Fees
Management is also proposing increases to various fees including the Activation Fee, Meter Connection Fees, and Sewer Connection Fees (highlighted in YELLOW). These changes will only affect new services established with CCW&SA. Please see the Proposed Rates and Fees below.

Billing and Payment Fees
To align with other municipalities, CCW&SA will begin charging convenience fees and paper statement fees. This transition is expected to occur in April 2022. Certain fees associated with the use of Debit/Credit Cards and eChecks (new payment option) will apply if the customer chooses to use those methods (highlighted in BLUE). Customers can choose other payment methods to avoid these fees.

CCW&SA will charge a monthly fee of $2.50 for receiving a paper statement, to help cover the cost of generating and mailing the statement. Customers can sign up for electronic delivery of their monthly statement and avoid this fee. Please see the Proposed Rates and Fees below.

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